“Fortune Favors the Bold.” -Virgil

The senior class of 2017 is most remarkable. Finding themselves internships after much adversity and trouble they have persevered and flourished. Just being approved to do a Senior Project has been an ordeal in itself. Our young scholars have had to accomplish all of their preliminary work while also taking capstone courses and applying to college. Now the fruits of their labor are about to be realized.  As they vigorously chomp at the bit  to begin their internships, and throw off the yoke of more formal and traditional high school curriculum, they both inspire me and make me jealous. The Senior Project allows high school students to engage in opportunities most undergraduates don’t have. I strongly believe that the Senior (research) Project is the most unique and culminating experience a BASIS Student can enjoy. Enabling students to apply the years of classroom learning to solving real-world problems is both edifying and rewarding for the individuals and our community as a whole. Students gain valuable hands on experience and discover new avenues of life to pursue. I am envious of their future experiences and success, but look forward to reading about their fortunes, trials, and tribulations. Please feel free to follow and comment on all the blogs and join with me in supporting and encouraging the class of 2017 on their next adventure.

-Jeff Winkelman

024Senior Project Coordinator


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