Sonoran Wildlife Education Through Graphic Novels

I will be interning at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to draw a comic on Sonoran wildlife. The ASDM is a non profit organization committed to wildlife conservation and education, and one way in which they do that is through the arts. Here I will be doing artistic studies of the flora and fauna, shadowing docents, as well as assisting in children’s education programs.

Rather than doing research to uncover new knowledge, my project is focused on presenting known facts in a fun and entertaining form. Many people overlook the lush and illustrious Sonoran Desert as just wide plot of dirt and cacti, but with this comic I hope to help educate people on the flora and fauna of the landscape. While there will be some fantastic elements to the comic such as personified animals and plants, there will be an emphasis on factual education. By creating a comic book rather than a series of scientific illustrations, I hope to provide education in a form that can be enjoyed by a younger audience.

I plan to study illustration in college, and hope to pursue a career in the arts, especially comics, and this project ties directly into those goals. As I create this graphic novel, I hope to learn what is the process of creating a comic book, as well as the problems encountered along the way.


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