Determining the characteristics and sustainability of Carbon-Linked Glycolipids as Surfactants

I have found an internship at the University of Arizona under the Pemberton Lab of Research, where I would be working with surfactants that are made from glycolipids. My job would be to test whether a new series of glycolipids are more chemically stable in an acidic environment than a previous series of surfactants. I am also supposed to find the surfactant properties of this new series of glycolipids. Hopefully, I would be able to produce a presentation or lab report for the end of the senior project, but that all depends on the copyright stance of the lab. If I can present my findings of my research, I would produce some sort of presentation describing the process in which I tested the new glycolipids as well as some of the properties that we determine. These properties will be tested using several processes including surface tensiometry, UV-Vis spectroscopy as well as other processes.


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