Analysis and Experience in the Game Design Field

I will be interning at Proper Villains, a local game studio in south Tucson currently working on a game called MiniBotz, which is a hack and slash arcade style game that will hopefully be released during my internship.

With this project I intend to gain insight and experience into the game design field and improve my skills in computer science, writing, and artistic design. I hope to learn a bit more about how the industry works and what makes a good game designer. I would like to find out what makes a good designer in relation not only to coding ability, but also to a team environment and working with artists, programmers, and designers to create a working game. I also want to know what goes into good design itself, and how I can improve my own development ability.

I am personally planning on moving into the game design/computer science fields in and after college, so interning at a company working on these things would be extremely beneficial. I also just enjoy making games and programming, and am in the process of learning the Unity engine and a few coding languages, including Java, C#, and C++, along with taking the AP CS and Post-AP CS classes at school. In addition, I’m building small games in my free time to practice my skills and am planning a much larger project that I may add to over multiple years as a sort of side hobby.


This project will directly tie into my intended college and career path, so it will be very helpful for gaining experience and practice. It is aso a field that is often misrepresented in the media and has had somewhat negative or dismissive connotations until recently.


I won’t directly be doing “research,” but I will be helping to build and produce a fully commercial video game with a full production team there to consult and pose questions to.
I am willing to bet that I will go in and have a lot less coding and design expertise than the actual employees, and will most likely be unfamiliar with the engine they are using, but I plan on touring their studio in the near future before the project starts to learn what they use so that I can do some preliminary practice, and I will also have access to all of the current employees if I need assistance. Due to the somewhat short duration of the project, I will most likely not be working on the project when it actually releases, and as I mentioned earlier I doubt that I will have the same expertise going in as the current developers do, but I hope to improve and contribute as much as I can in the time I have.


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