Laser Cutter Script

I will be working at XeroCraft, a local hackerspace in Tucson, Arizona. This space is volunteer run and dedicated to giving the community the opportunity to create, laser cutting, 3D printing, wood and metal work, etc.

I will create a program to ease the laser cutting process, by automating various monotonous tasks. I will use C, a widely used programing language, or some similar language to edit .svg files (vector art files). My program will edit .svg files in order to make them more easily printable. Currently, this is tedious and time consuming.

The final product of my project will be a script that automates this process and greatly increases workflow and productivity. This project will allow others to spend more time on the creative or technical process of creating, rather than busywork.
Adrian, my advisor, who will look over my code during this project, has many years of experience in this field, with companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and more. I will also look to other members of the talented XeroCraft community for assistance. I expect to gain greater insight into the field of scripting and small scale software development from this opportunity.

BASIS Advisor: Mr. Marinaccio

On Site Advisor: Adrian B


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