Behavioral issues in shelter dogs and statistically analyzing adoption patterns

I will be interning at Pima Paws for Life, this organization is a not-for-profit no kill cat and dog rescue shelter in Tucson. Through the span of my internship, I will be working one-on-one with these rescue animals. I will be helping the shelter by walking dogs, playing with dogs and cats, so they have human interaction and shadowing Pima Paws for Life personal veterinarian. My goal is to help animals, specifically dogs, from acquired behavioral issues while staying at the shelter. The main behavioral issues found in rescue animals are: food aggression, anxiety that comes from meeting new people and socializing issues with other dogs. Furthermore, if they already have behavioral issues I want to test which methods work best to overcome these animals specific issues. I plan to run my own statistical analysis where I will be analyzing which dogs and cats are adopted the quickest and which animals have to wait the longest. Lastly, I will create new, safe, low-cost cat enrichment toys, so that they can play and not get bored in their cages. I want to see what it takes for this shelter to be successful and how to make Pima Paws for Life more efficient.


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