Day 1 

To begin,here is a little bit of background information: FASA, Fiber Artists of Southern Arizona, is the organization that I am interning with, and I will be spending the entirety of the first month working with Mary Vaneecke in her studio. After the first month, I will be given the opportunity to spend days working with other artists in the organization learning their techniques.

My day began at about 7 AM, when I began looking through my reading materials for inspiration for projects that I would like to create. My on-site adviser, Mary, had lent me several books on fabric dyeing to look through for inspiration. Some of the projects that I liked are shown below.

Dyed silk demonstrating harmonious color sequences
An example of discharge dyeing

Once I arrived at the studio at 10 AM, Mary and I discussed the schedule for the next two weeks. Next weekend is the annual quilt show, the Quilt Fiesta, where Mary and another member of FASA will be running a booth. This week preparations need to be made for the booth display, and next Thursday will be spent setting up the booth.

After we had talked schedule, Mary showed me how to use the digitized longarm quilting machine, pictured below. She also showed me how to measure and file incoming customer quilt information.


Before lunch, we loaded a new customer quilt onto the longarm, and set the machine up to create a new design.We ended up choosing on a floral butterfly design for the quilt and the progress made is shown in the picture below.

After lunch, I worked on folding and organizing fabric from the studio closet. The reorganization of the studio is the long term task that I have been assigned to, and I’m excited to get into it. img_4612

One of my goals for today (Tuesday the 7th) is to create drafts of designs for my final projects so that I can start working on them at the studio tomorrow.


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