Engineering – More Than Nuts and Bolts…First Day at Stabiltec


4 thoughts on “Engineering – More Than Nuts and Bolts…First Day at Stabiltec

  1. It sounds like you’re getting a good feel for the business management as well as engineering production side of things. Can you give us a feel for how many people work in production of this specific part, or are they cross trained in every aspect of the drill bit production?


    1. At the Houston branch, there are currently 6 people working full time. However, some are very experienced and cross-trained to perform different tasks, while others specialize in different tasks. Since Houston is the tool repair shop, everyone has a huge role in the shop’s output. However, in the Louisiana plant, people are trained in specific areas, often operating only one machine.


    1. Sorry to get back so late, I am still getting used to this site… Yes, that is an argon tank, hooked up to one of the three heavy duty welders that we use at the Houston Repair branch. I have learned to use all three, with different grades of welding wire, performing different operations on different tools.

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