Day 1: A Discussion of Sound

Like any good rock star, I had a late morning, going into the studio at 10 am. The first day at the studio in Jim’s words was a “year full of information” packed into one full day. I sat down with Jim, my advisor, behind a recording console and two laptops and talked about the basics of sound and music before we even began recording anyone.

We went over the simple, yet meaningful mechanics of what makes a sound a sound, and what makes a note a note, as well as how overtones differentiate between how each instrument sounds. We discussed the physics behind frequencies and the vibrations of sound, and then used that to introduce the idea of recording, to understand how a microphone can pick up those sounds.  

Once the basics had been established, the fun began. I learned how to operate the recording console, and how to understand what each knob on the console does. The recording console in the studio, at first, looked intimidating, however, by the end of the day, I was able to figure out the role of every piece in the puzzle of the recording console.



We listened to music, and picked out what effects were being used, whether the song used compression, or equalization, and what those effects really did to the song, as well as figuring out how the dynamics of the recording room affected the sound of the instruments collectively. I learned about the basics of the recording software that I will be using for the next 3 months (Logic Pro), and was able to see how the effects could be applied to a song.

Overall, the first day was spent as a catch up day, to be prepared for when artists come in later this week to record, and then I’ll be prepared to rock out and record some great music.

Here is some fun stuff to show that work can be fun.



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