Day 3- Underachiever

Day 3- Underachiever

Quote of the day: “Error: no overload for method ‘GetUserStat’ takes 1 arguments” – Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Music of the day: I left my earbuds at home 😦

Today started with frustration, and so far has continued on that trend. I got here at 10:00, a few minutes later than normal but not ridiculous. After spending about 15 minutes bugfixing small issues from yesterday, I started to work on the new list of achievements to implement. The first cause of frustration: because our versioning software (the thing that let’s us share work over cloud rather than on a PC to PC basis), all of the code I had done yesterday was saved on my computer but not on the master computer that we use for final builds. So I had to make a choice, either continue my code on my computer and then manually transfer and replace all of the files to the master computer, or redo all of the work from yesterday on the master computer (spoiler alert: I chose the former).

Looking at the list of achievements, they seem pretty simple in concept. Kill X number of enemies, get an achievement. Stay alive for X amount of time, achievement, play for X amount of hours total,  achievement, etc. But as is normal in programming, implementing those fairly simple tasks in language the computer can understand can prove to be trickier than you can imagine. let me provide for you an example:pain

Those 15-20 lines of code seem pretty straightforward right? Took me about 3 1/2 hours to do that, and I had already done the first one yesterday. The problem is that I have to go not only through the game’s code, but through Steam as well to make sure that everything triggers and saves correctly. So, I sit here writing this on my lunch break, frustrated and with a cold, trying to figure out how to do the other 10 currently on my list. When I figure it out I’ll be very happy, but for now I’m stuck banging my head against my monitor (not literally, I think I would be fired within 10 seconds).

On a side not, here’s what was left when I remembered to take a picture of my lunch (Just for you Winkelman):File_000 (1).jpeg

It was actually rather delicious for a frozen Philly Cheese Steak. Anyways, that’s it for me today.

UPDATE AT THE END OF THE DAY: I have successfully broken everything. All of it. Broken. Friday will be fun.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You get a respite from me tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment and won’t be working on Minibotz all day. Thanks for reading, see you Friday.


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