Day 3: Working My Way Up

Yesterday, we had only transferred music from two reels of tape onto the computer, and there was one more reel to transfer. As soon as I came in, we began putting the songs on tape to the computer. However, this time was different than yesterday. After only working with the tape machine for a day, Jim decided it would be a good idea to let me run the whole process more or less by myself.

There was about a half an hour worth of songs on the reel, and it was my job to get it on the laptop. I loaded the tape on the machine and wound it through the rollers without any help. I was totally in charge of the tape machine, and it was barely my second day of working with this machine. I even got to adjust the levels on the recording console, and my first time working with the recording console was swell. Every now and then, I was also in charge of cleaning the machine to make sure that the tape was able to play properly. I was successful in transferring all of the songs from the tape to the laptop myself.

This is me running the controls on the laptop and checking the levels.


Once that job was done, the schedule of the day seemingly had no structure, the way rock and roll should be. It was a back and forth between cleaning up the studio, unplugging cords and hanging them up on the wall. The second half of the day was spent organizing the studio and maintaining a balance to the chaos. The most important lesson of the day was that the maintenance of the studio itself is also a large part of the recording process.

At the end of the day, before I left for the week, I was able to record myself playing on the piano in order to understand how the different microphones recorded sounds differently, to see how the same sounds of me playing the piano differed in the two microphone recordings. This was my first step to entering the recording process.



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