Week 1: Learning the Science and Understanding Past Research

My first week of my internship had a bit of a slower start than I initially expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! In order to understand the work that I will be completing with my case study survey, my task this week has been to read a multitude of articles with topics from ranging from Understanding Social Anxiety to linking certain Mental Disabilities to Social Anxiety. Through these articles, I have gained a better understanding of the true definition of Social Anxiety, and it has opened my eyes to what so many people especially young children and adolescents suffer from.

As the majority of my week consisted of deciphering complicated studies and papers, I am very excited to start developing my case study next week! I have truly enjoyed learning more about Social Anxiety and becoming better versed on identifying factors of trigger situations. I hope to be connecting much of my study back to BASIS, as having a school with students from fifth grade all the way to twelfth grade provides the perfect model to see the progression of how one deals with stress and anxiety.

As I discuss further with the BASIS Admin in working closely with them and the students, I will make sure to keep this blog updated! Hope everyone has a great week!



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