Week 1 Update

My first week of my internship started at home with me researching where I could find cyanobacteria.  I concluded that I should be able to find some growing in sabino canyon and other parks in tucson. I hiked 3 miles into sabino canyon and collected two samples. After updating my advisor on my progress, she suggested I build a simple microscope to see what I found. After gather all the pieces and finding my drill, I quickly assembled my makeshift microscope.


I used it to view the samples of water I collected from sabino canyon, but was unable to find the cyanobacteria. I found mostly organic debri in the water.


Unfortunately, I was unable to go on hikes for the rest of the week due to an injury, so I decided I would look around my house to see if I could find any algae. Fortunately (or unfortunately because I may have to clean it), I found some algae in the fountain in my yard.



In this next week, I hope to find better samples to use when testing the sensors in the lab.


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