Day 4: Mixing It Up

Today, there was a lot to do, but it was all more or less the same. There were three projects lined up that involved the mixing process. I mostly watched and observed how the mixing process works since I have little experience with all of the effects.

One project was not purely musical. A friend of Jim’s had made a movie, in which there were low quality audio files. It was our job to fix the audio so that it could be heard better. The problem with this particular file was that it was taken with a phone, so excess background noise was prevalent. In order to fix the white noise, we used a denoiser program, which took away the audio that we did not care about, and for the most part, the low quality audio of the film was fixed.

Another project was mixing an instrumental song. It was a simple song, and the problem was that the quality of the song was not given justice by the simplistic audio effects. To make the song more rounded, we panned out the instruments to separate the sounds and better distinguish each unique sound, and put more stereo effects on it to give the song a stronger impact. In simple terms, we took the song and made it better to listen to through two speakers, with dynamics on the left and right side, instead of where it was, plain on both sides of the speakers.

Tomorrow and possibly the rest of the week calls for much more attention to mixing, as not everything that was scheduled was attended to. I will be getting a better background of the after recording process this week with a plethora of upcoming mixing projects.


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