Week One

This first week has been dedicated to learning how to edit .svg files, a task harder than I anticipated. I am approaching this problem in the same way I have solved problems in the past. I planned out how I am going to solve the problem, and worked my way down to the most basic level.

I found that it is possible to directly edit .svg files from a Python script. This process required multiple libraries and other programs I needed to install and import. In doing this, I have learned a lot about using my computer from the terminal. I found a library that allows me to edit .svg files from Python with ease, it is called svgwrite. This is seeming to be the most promising route.

I have also researched a different technique, which is more specific to my case. Inkscape is the open source vector art editor that Xerocraft uses. This program allows for extension scripts to be written that can also edit the .svg file. This would go though Inkscape as opposed to the stand-alone program previously mentioned. This solution seems less general, but can give me experience with open source software.

In doing this, I have realized I have lost some of my coding skill. When I hit walls and frustrations, I take a step away from what I am doing to relearn and practice Python.

Next week, I intend to learn how svgwrite works, and possibly how to create extensions for Inkscape. I will plan my route of attack on the problem before I start coding.


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