Day 5: Slow Days at the Studio

When there is a project that drags on for a while, it is always a good idea to find interesting things to do on the side to keep your mind clear, especially when it could last all week. Today was a great example of that. The same projects that needed to be mixed, still need to be mixed, and are currently in the process of finishing up. All of today was dedicated to mixing, and yes, at times, it was a bit tedious. After hearing the same song on repeat for hours, I vacillated between appreciating the music and feeling completely apathetic to it.

To keep myself occupied, I had a multitude of books and magazines detailing the recording techniques of the most influential bands. One book went through all of the albums, and every song by The Beatles, and laid out what the recording process was like for them, while other books detailed the recording process of early Pink Floyd. The books were amazing reads, and I learned so much from them, and I am ecstatic for when I get to witness the recording process.

At the end of the day, Jim lent me a laptop to take home, so that I could get more familiar with the recording software of the studio. I plan to record myself messing around on the guitar and playing with the effects on Logic Pro, that way I will have some experience, though very little experience, before I see the recording process in person.


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