Day 5

I went in to the studio early, which seems to be becoming a Wednesday trend. Once I got to the studio Mary and I went to a meeting for Art quilters. I was able to see some really interesting work and techniques from other quilters in the Tucson area.

After the meeting, Mary, Ruth, Janet and I went to lunch. All three women are members of FASA, the organization that I am interning under. We were able to discuss my plans for my project and they offered helpful suggestions.

I have decided that as my final project I will be creating a quilt out of the smaller pieces that I make. The blocks in the quilt will each showcase the motif that I pictured 2 posts back. Each block will utilize a different technique, and there will be 9 blocks in the quilt.

When we got back to the studio in the afternoon, we loaded up the car for the quilt show. Then Mary helped me calculate how many yards of fabric I will need for each section of my quilt, so that I can work on finding fabric this weekend.


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