Day 9- Pest Control

Day 9- Pest Control

Quote of the Day: “Come look at this!” -Alex, showing off his newly progressed online multiplayer

Music of the Day: The MiniBotz soundtrack. I playtested a lot.

If the word of the day yesterday was “frustrating,” the word of today (and it will be in all caps, bolded, italicized, and with a bunch of stars) is ***SATISFYING***.  I fixed things. Very quickly. I broke other things sure, but for the most part today was a day of fixing. Steam Leaderboards and Achievements went live last night, and as per usual, they didn’t fully work on the first try. Some achievements triggered, others didn’t, and leaderboards just didn’t work at all. So I came in today annoyed and ready to buckle down not only to fix all of that, but to continue to work on the teleporter.

I expected it to take a long time. I knew my code for achievements and leaderboards had been well done, I had checked things through, tested each individually, and even reorganized the code to make it more readable. So I was expecting to have to invest a good amount of time to get it working and fix whatever tiny bug was causing them to break. Turns out, achievements were working fine, we just had to update the build again to make sure the data was being uploaded correctly, and leaderboards needed one line of code to fix. One line that I recognized almost immediately. The code I had initially worked just fine. The issue: I never actually called it. It was never told to do anything. So I added that line and poof working leaderboards. All it took. It was great.

Back to teleporters. I made little nuggets of progress throughout the day, but was never quite able to get it working as it should. So I was beginning to become annoyed again, and I didn’t want that. I asked Alex to take a peek at what I was doing and see if he could find any problems I was missing. He couldn’t. And in fact, he pointed out that them not working wasn’t my fault. The code I was calling to initialize the things that needed to move between scenes was old, very old. And done by a long since fired employee, who I have heard was rather… ineffective at his job. So, for better or worse, I was asked to basically redo how it works entirely.

Now, it isn’t as bad as that makes it seem. Basically I just need to move the code from one place to another, and condense it to a more adaptable style. The way it is now, it’s just massive blocks of repeating code with individual variables changed based on the bot in question. I’m changing it so that it’s just one block of code, that is used the same way for each bot. It’s a big project, but it will be fun and rewarding.

In other news, I was able to stream on the AngrySkull twitch channel for an hour today! Eric (our resident PR manager and streamer) was out sick, and asked if anyone would like to stream today instead of him. And I got to. it was a good amount of fun, even if we didn’t really have any viewers, but Jon and I got to play some Rocket League and MiniBotz together for an hour or so. We also teased some images of Carmine, a new robot that’s being added to the game. Today was a lot of fun, and now I can go and enjoy the weekend before getting back to work on Monday.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Drop a comment of your favorite song/band and i’ll add it to my Spotify playlist!


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