Week 2

This week, I met up with my professor in her office again and met some new people I will be working with in the future. I met the professor’s close colleague and a U of A freshman. We discussed the articles I read this week, which were called Multifocal repetitive TMS for motor and mood symptoms of Parkinson disease by Brys et al, and The Role of the Inferior Frontal Gyri in Cognitive Processing of Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot rTMS Study by Srovnalova et al. Together, we discussed the questions we had about psychology vocabulary and confusing data. Since there were more voices, it was helpful for me to hear the many different ways to explain the data.

While we were discussing the articles, we looked at an Excel sheet that organized all of the data from many different articles that explained rTMS and the relationship to Parkinson’s disease. The Excel sheet organized patients’ backgrounds from experiments from the different articles. Since I am especially interested in brain images of Parkinson’s Disease, I also got to look at some pictures of the brain and I learned more about where exactly the coil for the rTMS goes and where the signals travel to in the brain.

Finally, we also discussed what our plan is for the upcoming weeks. I will be reading more articles every week and will be organizing them in a data sheet which will include the patients’ information and information about the experiment itself. I will be doing more work at home and will be doing a literature search also. I will have to find more articles about rTMS and Parkinson’s Disease so that more data can be collected.


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