Day 10- Mouse Trap

Day 10- Mouse Trap

Quote of the day: A large stream of profanities- Jon (He was mad at the computer for something)

Music of the day: Atlas, Rise! (Metallica) is the most badass song ever. I think I’ve listened to it like 5 times today. Jesus of Suburbia (Green Day) comes in close second.

I finally fixed leaderboards. I did it. And this time I’m sure. Once again, my fix from last time wasn’t fully working. And once again, it was because of one tiny line of code. They were being initialized correctly, were active, everything on Steam’s end was working just as it should. The problem? Well there were two actually. The more important one is that the call to actually upload a score to Steam was in a different script, which hadn’t been updated in the previous build(s), so they were being initialized and everything, just never actually sent to Steam. The other problem is that the score variable I was using to upload a high score was the one that tracks just the score in the current play through, so it’s automatically set to 0 as soon as the player dies, and since the call to upload to Steam is after the player dies, it kept trying to upload a score of 0. I just had to change the variable to the highScore one and everything worked as it should.

I worked on Teleporter for a while, and managed to get a lot of things fixed (like the health bar carrying over) and breaking many more (for example, you can sometimes spawn in the middle of nowhere outside a level for no reason and float around in emptiness for a while. It’s quite fun). And was making progress overall, before a discussion broke out about what still was needed for the game. it’s being shown at Emerald City ComicCon next week in Seattle, and then at PAX East in early March (PAX East is one of the biggest video game conventions in the world). I won’t go into detail, because most of it is internal stuff, but the gist is that I was asked to leave off teleporter for a while and instead focus on fixing small quality of life bugs. The first one on the list: mouse look.

In the game, bots can be controlled either by a classic game controller (like an xbox controller) or by mouse and keyboard. Aiming is done by the mouse, and although it works fine as is, it can be buggy and screwy if you move the mouse too fast or in certain ways in relation to the camera. The mouse can also move off of the game window if you have multiple monitors, which can be super frustrating if you’re super focused and then accidentally click off the game. This was the first thing I looked at, and surprise surprise it took one line of code. Easy peasy. Unfortunately, I had to build the game (make a standalone executable) every time to test it. It took about 5 minutes to build each time (funnily enough I’ve written most of this while waiting for one of the test builds to finish), but after the third try I got it working for the entire game.

Unfortunately I have to leave for today, but tomorrow I hope to fix mouse look and start in on the other little issues, I’ll probably playtest a bit at home today and make myself a list of issues to fix.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! I will give you a crisp high-five next time i see you.


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