The second week

This week I spent it doing work around the shelter like walking and playing with the dogs and looking over their backgrounds and treatments so that I can get to know them better. Every weekend Pima Paws for Life take a variety of dogs to a Petsmart on River and Orange Grove to help get them adopted. This week they took Forrest a Collie Mix, Penny (from last week), a Yorkie terrier called Rusty, a boxer named Lola and a shepherd puppy named Milady. Thankfully, that afternoon was a busy day and withing 3 hours 3 dogs got adopted   (Milady, Rusty, and Lola). One reason why Penny didn’t get adopted is because whenever she would see another small dog she would growl and people loved her, but they wouldn’t have been able to handle her behavior. I believe fixing Penny’s attitude towards other dogs will surely get her adopted quicker.

Milady was in a litter of 4 and they were given up because they had parvo and the breeder didn’t have enough money to cover for their medical expenses. Puppies have extremely weak immune systems just like newborn babies, so puppies are put into foster home until they are adopted to lessen the chances of getting sick from other older dogs. The application process for adoption is quite extensive because they want to make sure that the dogs are going into a home where they won’t return to a shelter or enter into dog fighting (in the cases for Pitbulls). An important thing to know is that all the dogs from the shelter are spayed/neutered before they leave the shelter, healthy and the potential owner is told the entire background of the animal. Another thing to note is that all the animals are micro-chipped in the ownership of Pima Paws for Life so that if the animal ends up back in a shelter they won’t be put down. Instead they will do to the shelter to be put up for adoption again.

Half of this next week will be focused on learning about dog socialization patterns and training methods so that I can start training them.

I’ll keep you posted on any new dogs or cats that I come across!


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