Day 7: First Recording Session

Today, there were a few projects that needed to be worked on before the fun began. Jim hosts a radio show for Downtown Tucson Radio, in which local bands come in and play live and do some interviews. We needed to collect the live songs and interviews and mix them coherently to make it sound like a good radio show. It didn’t take too much time because the band played live, and we didn’t want to mess with the live sound too much, so the mixing was basic at best to keep the music sounded authentic.

Another project that we needed to work on was to master an album. This project, too, was not difficult. All that needed to be done was just to make sure that all the levels of the instruments were coming in clearly, and that nothing was too loud. We only worked on about 4 songs on the album, but we have made progress, and so far, the album sounds great.

In the last hour or so, two vocalists from the band Pipelights came into the studio to record the singing parts for their EP. The music had already been recorded, and all that needed to be done was get quality sound from the vocals.

I shook hands with the musicians, and on we were to recording. I helped set up the microphones, and plugged them into the outlets, so the recording console could pick up their voices. While they sang, I monitored the levels and made sure that everything sounded clear.

I finally got my first experience in recording, and while it was only for about an hour, I still managed to learn a lot about the recording process, and I am excited for future recording experiences.


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