Week Two — Planning

Over the past few days, I have begun the planning stage for the coding. Just like most things, an outline will help me keep focused on specific areas. This outline started as a collection of tasks that need to be done to solve the problem, such as connecting the ends of lines that are close, deleting lines that are too close, and removing mistake lines. The outline then became more complex, and specific. I then broke these tasks down further, describing how I will tackle them. For example, I will find an end point of a line, then I will check the surrounding area for a diffrent line, if there is one, I will connect the two with a straight line. In some of these cases, I jotted down some code.

I have recently discovered that the svgwrite library does not support the editing of .svg files, only the creation of new files. I have found a library that should allow me to edit .svg files with precision. It is called svgutils, created by Bartosz Telenczuk.

The next week I will began coding and putting my ideas down. I will continue to outline tasks on paper before I attempt coding.

So far, I have really enjoyed this project. The experience of finding I did something wrong, or was not using the correct thing felt very real. I expect, in this project and in the future to get things wrong and this was a great example of that, I did not get discouraged, in fact, it was exciting to be wrong.


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