Day 8: Improv and Recording

In juxtaposition to last week, this week has been relatively busy with multiple projects. The day began with mixing, as usual, as well as some mastering. The whole day was not spent doing tedious tasks, however. There was a recording session scheduled for the middle of the day, and would last for the rest of the day.

When musicians come into the studio, usually, they have an idea of what they are going to record during that session. However, today was an exception. At around 1 pm, a musician came to record a song. I shook his hand, and we all discussed what was on the agenda, to which he did not have an exact response.

He decided that he wanted to record the bass for a song he started in a previous session. I grabbed the cords to plug the bass into the recording console, and the recording session began. He sat down on the couch with the bass and just started playing, making it all up as he went along.

Jim asked him “Do you want to find out what notes you played before, so it can all match?”

He replied “No, I’ll just figure it out.”

We recorded his improvised bass, and when we were done, he wanted to record guitar, also improvised. As we recorded, I learned how to record instruments, and how to position the microphone properly in front of an amplifier.

In just a couple of days, I have gotten experience in recording artists, and I have made a lot of progress understanding the process. Although, I have yet to record a full band, a local band has requested a recording session soon. The future is looking bright and busy with recording sessions.


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