Lab Meetings

I thought I’d mention that the Barnes Lab has frequent meetings to bring the Barnes Lab researchers together to discuss progress made in the lab and also current studies, articles, and events occuring in the neurobiology world.

I find these meetings quite interesting. Everyone in the conference room got a chance to go around and give a brief desciption of their current experiments and their goals with the research. I would mention some that I have heard, but I’m not sure if I am allowed to discuss that information; however, everyone shared very exciting things.

One researcher in the lab mentioned that she had just come back from a neuroscience conference in France. Because she is a bilingual researcher, she was invited to present a topic. Also, Dr. Carol Barnes came back from a neuroscience conference in Europe and brought back chocolate for everyone!

A big part of the meeting was discussing future goals for the lab. Funding for research is crucial, so how to find large donors and sponsors was also touched on.


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