Road Block – Changing to Virtual Reality

Road Block – Changing to Virtual Reality

The last time I posted, I was talking about learning python so I could work with the raspberry pi and that has been going well. Using what I knew from my AP and Post-AP Computer Science class I was able to learn the basics of python rather quickly which is all I need.

Unfortunately as my onsite advisor and I did hours of research into the sensors for our build, we very quickly realized that these sensors that we were looking for were either too expensive or just flat out faulty. So my advisor and I decided to set aside the hydroponic grower idea and venture into the world of Virtual Reality and within a few days we had come up with a project. I’ll be going into depth about this new project in a future post (hopefully by tomorrow). In this new project, we will be working with Virtual Reality machines, stationary trainers, Virtual Reality software and lastly the versatile¬†raspberry pi.

The good news is that everything that I’ve done up until this point is still very useful. The programming for the raspberry pi unit will still be used and the software that I have learned to use such as Solid Works will still come into use in my engineering studies at the UA.


2 thoughts on “Road Block – Changing to Virtual Reality

  1. When you said that you switched to virtual reality, does that mean your whole senior project had to be adjusted? Or is the virtual reality a new way of getting to the goal you started out with?


    1. Yes, because the sensors that we needed in the hydroponic grower project were either too expensive or too faulty we had to change projects. So, we are starting a completely new project involving Virtual Reality


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