Weeks 2 and 3: Creating a Case Study and Confidentiality Issues

These past two weeks have been very busy in regards to my work, but also difficult to write about. After I completed all my readings regarding the science behind Social Anxiety, I began to work with my off-site advisor, Dr. Andrews, on what it takes to make a survey and what defines a Case Study.

The problem that I face in updating this blog while completing my project is that as my project progresses, the amount of information I have the liberty to share becomes further constricted. This is because when working hard to construct questions that will allow me to analyze social anxiety triggers from a wide range of students, questions and the thought process are not allowed to be told prior to the surveys being released. Also once the surveys are completed, the analyzing process can not be described in too much detail prior to my presentation to protect the results of my experiment and the confidentiality of the test subjects.

I will be sure to keep this blog updated with the various processes that I am using to go about my project with. I hope to keep this blog as detailed as possible all while protecting those helping me and reducing the possibility of error in my experiment.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your week!




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