Day 16- Timmy

Day 16- Timmy

Quote of the Day: “Why Timmy, why?!”

Music of the Day: Metallica. Headbanging Metallica. Fitting for what I did today.

I came in for a couple hours today just to work on stuff before I went to Mongolian Stir Fry for dinner (The place is near the Angry Skull office), and I started working on a Gummy Bear boss to add some manner of progression for the player. The way the game is right now, it’s fun but gets repetitive very fast. So we’re adding in boss enemies and other special types to spice it up. It didn’t take me very long to get a large working gummy bear boss, of course at first he functioned just like any other gummy bear, but that would soon be fixed.

Meet Timmy, Destroyer of Worlds:


Or rather, that’s what I wanted Timmy, Destroyer of Worlds to be. but I was asked to scale him back just a touch ( 😦 ), so meet Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities: gummybearboss2.PNG

Less intimidating overall sure, but a lot closer to the reference of those giant 5 pound gummy bears you can buy on Amazon.

Now like I said, Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities (And yes I will refer to him like that for the rest of the post) started out as basically just a normal gummy bear on steroids. He died in one shot from the player, did a minuscule amount of damage, and when he died the remains he left were those of a normal sized bear. But never fear, I quickly remedied that.

Design-wise, we want Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities to have a bunch of health but be really slow and hulking. So slow, in fact, that the only way he can move is by using one of his two special abilities. Those abilities are 1: Jump smash, where Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities leaps on top of the player and gummy smashes you into oblivion if you get too close, and 2: A ranged ability that hes yet to be named, but in essence fires a big ol’ wad of gummy goop at the player and hurts them if they don’t get out of the way. Neither of the particle effects (the actual visual things that happen) have been created yet, and that is not my area of work, but I have made the code to make everything work. Right now when Jump Smash is triggered, Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities just awkwardly pops onto the Player’s location and deals some damage, but in the future it will look a lot more menacing.

I actually had to use some math today when programming in the abilities (it was the Pythagorean theorem. No crazy calculus), so that felt pretty cool. Hopefully I will continue work on Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities on Thursday and Friday, and get him closer to his original Destroyer of Words state. Until then, I’m off to enjoy some delicious Mongolian Stir Fry.

If you’ve made it this far, you might get a picture of my Mongolian Stir Fry, if I remember. If not, then Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities gives you his blessing and will spare your pitiful life should he ever be freed from his prison.


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