Week Three – The Coding Begins

This week was devoted to putting ideas into text. However, there were a few hiccups along the way. The various libraries I had found on the internet lacked some functionality, so I found new ones that fit my task better. Currently I am using svgutils and lxml. I will probably need some other libraries, but as far as I can tell, this is as much as I will need.

The coding has gone fairly smoothly so far. I have been able to read from the .svg file, which I thought would be a much more difficult task. I did this by using functionality from etree, which is included in lxml. I have been able to convert the appropriate information about paths from the .svg file into numbers and other variables. I have also created an .svg file from a Python script.

I am currently having some trouble editing the .svg file. I have encountered so technical problems regarding Python lists. I have also not attempted to edit the existing .svg file; I am unsure if I will edit the file or create a new file with edited values. Next week will be devoted to addressing these issues.

The joy of having the computer do what I want has been a large motivating factor. I am glad I have started coding, and I am excited for the rest of the project.


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