Day 17- Balls and Bugs

Day 17- Balls and Bugs

So somehow I managed to delete this. here’s the post as it was originally written:

Quote of the Day: “GAME OVER. Score- 1,980,000” -MiniBotz. I needed 2,000,000.

Music of the Day: Green Day. Just all the Green Day. I mean i was wearing the shirt:stupididiot

Wow that facial expression looks stupid. Oh well.

Back to Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities today. I missed Wednesday because of the green Day concert (where I got the shirt. It was awesome), and Thursday because I was driving back from Phoenix. And boy did I miss a lot, especially on Thursday. Like I mentioned a couple times in previous posts, Emerald City ComicCon (Seattle) is March 2nd-5th, and we have a booth set up there to show off the game, so the Discord has been flooded with bug reports from the guys at ECCC and responses from people here. Thankfully, most of them were fixed early on, so I was able to just hop right back into Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities.

I started by making that gummy projectile attack an actually functional, visible thing. if you’ll remember from Tuesday, I didn’t have enough time to make a full projectile and stuff, so the player would just take a chunk of damage if they were within range with no warning or way to dodge it. I remedied that today, and hoo boy did I have to refresh my memory on projectile physics. I started by making a Prefab (remember that that means a pre-created object that can just be slapped into wherever it needs to go whenever it needs to be) gummy ball object (right now it’s just a generic white sphere, it’ll get texture later) and giving it a Rigidbody so that it is affected by unity’s physics engine, and a custom script that calculated where it needs to fire and all of it’s in motion behavior, along with the damage it does on impact.

It took me probably about half an hour to slowly dig up kinematic equations from the recesses of my Physics 1 memory, and I had to make a couple of extra checks to make it functional for shooting backwards as well, but I managed to recall pretty quick and now have a functional ball of death that will deal a hefty chunk of damage to the player if they don’t move out of the way. I’d like to upload a short video to show you what it looks like in practice, but WordPress free doesn’t let you and I can’t upload it to YouTube for confidentiality reasons. But suffice it to say, it’s kind of a terrifying white sphere of doom that falls from the sky and deals a ton of damage. I got it working and was ready to move on to the Jump Smash and boss health bar, but Jeremy asked me to switch focus back to my good old nemesis, achievements.

I had thought I had them. I thought they were working, I had tested them a million times in the editor, made sure every step was triggering, and seen it work just as intended. And for some reason, they still weren’t triggering on the live game. So I moved over to one of the two “master” computers (because our versioning software has been down we consolidate all changes onto one of two computers and upload to Steam from there, so my computer has a lot of older files that have since been gotten rid of and some new ones that have not yet been finished). And as it happens, it was partly my fault and partly not. The “Millionaire” achievement (the one for getting 1,000,000 points) was indeed an oversight on my part. I had accidentally been using an older version of the HUD to try and track the player’s score, and since it’s out of date and the new version has replaced it, I wasn’t actually tracking the score so the achievement wasn’t triggering. That was a simple fix. The ones that had nothing to do with my error were the “Sweet Tooth” and “Pest Control” achievements, which are given for killing a certain number of each type of enemy.

Remember when I mentioned that our versioning software is down, so we manually move files between computers? That’s why they didn’t work. When the achievement manager code was moved to the main computer and build, the script that tracks those number of kills was not updated, so the achievement was fully functional on my computer, but not on the main one. Also an easy fix. Unfortunately, Jeremy wanted me to test them all on a new, released build, which is completely justified, and may at first sound like “Hey, Garrett got to play MiniBotz a whole bunch!” Yeah, no. It quickly became a tedium of repeating the same things over and over to try and trigger the achievements, so while it only took me 5-10 minutes to fix the code, it took me close to 3 hours to test each of them on a live build. not because they were inconsistent, mind you, but because number 1, I’m not great at MiniBotz, and number 2 I had to try to trigger some of the more difficult achievements alone over and over. Achievements are meant to be a cool reward when you do something interesting or difficult in a game, and while some people do achievement hunt, and spend hours upon hours trying to get 100% achievement completion in games, the average player just steadily unlocks them as they play from time to time. So sitting there doing the same thing over and over to test was less than thrilling.

I ended the day out with some (attempted) bug squashing for the guys at ECCC. I say attempted because I could not replicate the one that they said was happening, which means it’s either an incredibly rare occurrence, or a fix had been conveniently included in one of the other builds. So I had a good first half of the day, and a tedious frustrating second half. Hopefully I can continue working on Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities on Monday. I also realized I forgot to take a picture of my lunch, which was delicious leftover homemade mac and cheese.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. Go listen to the new Green Day album (it’s called Revolution Radio). It’s very topical. And just a good album.



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