JG Week 4


The first cohort of rats (the ones already on the W-track) continued training on the track this week. As I mentioned before, each rat trains for an hour a day. So, I basically spent all day watching seven rats on the track each day this week. Some rats have been learning and mastering the patterns on the maze, while the others are miserably failing.

The second cohort of rats took a break from all activity this week.

One thing we had been focusing on this week were the rats’ diets. They were losing weight extremely fast and their weights were dangerously low. However, we want the rats to be hungry because the task is reward based, food being their motivation. That being said, we want them to be hungry every day, but we do not want them to get sick and weak. We had to take a day break from training them because we wanted them to get their weight back up. After that break, their weights did go back up and we were able to train them.


This is what they eat on a daily basis:

Ensure (food reward)



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