Week 2 Schedule and Focus Update

Hello, and thank you again for your patience. I have officially started my Planned Parenthood Internship. Unfortunately, there have been some complications to my schedule. Because I am not yet 18, I cannot work in the clinic as part of the health advocacy program. My project coordinator even asked the national level of P.P. if I could work with permission from my parents, but liability prevents me from doing so. My role has shifted to an administrative one, just once a week. This will involve data entry, phone banking, and other administrative duties. I do, however, have a positive development. I have found a second internship with a program called Engage Miami. This is a grassroots organization that developed as part of a larger national movement. It is focused on increasing civic engagement amongst youth, particularly at the local election level. With this internship, I have managed to create a schedule with 15 hours a week or more, depending on event schedules. Because of these developments, I will be shifting the focus of my Research Project somewhat. Tomorrow afternoon, following the first day of work Engage Miami, I will be posting a updated project description, as well a detailed account of the work I am doing in my two internships. Look out for that post tomorrow!


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