Week 4

When I arrived in the office this week, I met a doctor named Dr. Price. He is now going to be in the office working with Dr. Dyson in order to see more patients. I also met a new Medical Assistant who is a float, coming from an OBGYN office.

I was able to see many more patients, and get more experience in the office. The most interesting one was a little boy who was sick for a few days and had rashes all over his body. He had a rash on his groin area and a rash ring around his neck. Dr. Dyson believes that he has scarlet fever.

Shadowing Dr. Dyson has been so fun, and I am loving getting to meet new patients and families and catch up with them when they come back into the office.

Below are two pictures I took of the office. Hopefully, I will be able to take more pictures soon, but Dr. Dyson just moved into a new building and is still in the process of decorating.


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