Car accident and an update

Recently, I got into a car accident where a guy hit me and my car spun 1.5 times. I am just fine but that was my family’s only car. Due to this accident it is a setback in my research because I don’t have a way of making it the shelter. I will take the time in do research online and in the library. Actually this will give me the opportunity to focus on making new small cat toys.

Anyways, Kona-the cat with stitches on her eye-has opened her eyes so she looks a little bit less like Frankenstein. I met a Australian Shepherd mix named Zina and she was extremely shy but when you give her like 30 minutes she’ll turn into a lap dog with tons of kisses. I want to make her less shy. I met another dog who is a female and she has trust issues. She barks at every person and the only way that you can get close to her is through giving her treats. I think that she is perfect for my research because I want to be able to train her to be more comfortable with strangers.


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