Day 18- Terror Bear

Day 18- Terror Bear

Quote of the Day: “TIMMEH!” -David

Music of the Day: Mishmash of everything. I have a playlist on Spotify that’s called “All the Stuff,” and it’s 40 hours long. So I have a good variety.

Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities is coming along nicely. I went in today with the intent of having him fully functional for gameplay, and for the most part I succeeded. I started by making sure that he was being spawned in correctly and at the right time, then moved on to making sure that he was actually defeatable. The way he was initially, I had scaled up his model but not his hitbox. I knew that at the time, but now was when I needed to go back and fix that. Also here’s what that means:

In most games, but action games especially, touching or hitting different things triggers different outcomes, right? Think about Tetris if you need an example: when one block lands on top of another, the game has to know that that block needs to now stay in that spot, otherwise it’ll just keep falling through. The thing that tells it to do this is a hitbox. Once again, the name is very convenient. On the other hand, a model is the physical view able object. So for Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities, he had the model of a giant gummy bear bu the hitbox of a normal-sized one, meaning that he was near impossible to hit, let alone kill. So I scaled it up, and everything worked as intended.

We also toyed around with the idea of having Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities spawn normal gummy bears when he took damage, but eventually ended up scrapping it when it became obvious that this would create gummy-Armageddon really, really fast. I spent the rest of the day trying to give him a health bar, sot that the player can see how much progress they’ve made. I almost have it, but it’s still having issues. I also think I may have convinced everyone that the boss’ name should, in fact, be Timmy. Today was pretty short, but tomorrow and Wednesday will be much longer for sure.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Timmy 2.0, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities sends his love.


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