Day 2 Engage Miami

Yesterday, I worked primarily on designing graphics. I have never done this previously, but I found that using an easy design software is the key to amateur graphic design. I used, which is free, if anyone is interested in designing flyers, social media posts, cards, and more. For this particular graphic, I was advertising an upcoming even organized by Engage called Harassment Intervention Training. The details of the event are still up in the air, but when the date and time have been decided I will let you know and perhaps share the graphic I designed. I was glad to get some experience with design, because I know it will be useful for future organizations or companies I may be a part of.

As for the Harassment Training, I am very excited to participate in this event. We will be working with other local organizations to train bystanders how to intervene in and deescalate situations when they witness harassment. I think this information is vital, especially in a time when hate crimes are on the rise. Bystanders can be keeping to keeping someone safe or even saving their lives. I hope to share more information with you about how to react and what to do when facing harassment in your everyday lives.


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