Day 20- GummyGeddon

Day 20- GummyGeddon

Quote of the Day: “I like the lemon part, I don’t like the meringue.” -Someone on a phone call from inside their office.

Music of the Day: I didn’t really listen to anything today, unfortunately.

I came in early again today, and unfortunately that meant that I had about n hour of down time to kill. Because my computer doesn’t have the most current version of the game on it, and i can’t log on to any of the others, I didn’t really have anything to do. Eventually Jeremy logged onto Discord, though, and asked me to make the enemies scale their damage, speed, and health with the player’s score. This was pretty easy, just a big block of “if” statements that checked the score and then multiplied each stat by the appropriate multiplier for that score. But something weird happened when I tested it: I had created gummies that would phase in and out of existence,  had massive amounts of health, and would one-shot the player if they touched him.

Turns out when I did my block of “if” checks, I had neglected to make sure the score was also less than the next highest bracket. So if the player had a score of 3,000,000 for example (It was supposed to increase every million), the damage, speed and damage were multiplied by the multipliers for 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 as well. This was an especially big problem for speed, because the default number was already pretty high, and then I continually multiplied it by bigger numbers (I checked in the inspector. I got it to 1*10^15 at max). Also an easy fix, I just added an “&&” check that it is also less than the next bracket. To explain that “&&”: conditional checks can have 3 extra tack-ons if you will- and, or, and not (&&, ||, !, respectively in code syntax).  These just give you more options for conditionals. An and will only trigger if both conditions are met, an or if one or more is met, and a not if the thing it’s checking is false (this is pretty much only used for boolean true/false values). So that extra “&&” meant that the score had to be both greater than the current minimum but less than the next highest minimum. Pretty simple for a change. here’s a picture if you want to visualize: conditionals.PNG

A little easier to understand when it’s all written out, I think.

Then I did nothing. For hours. Jeremy went offline, I had to wait here for Alex to show up so that I could move the files to his computer before PAX, and I couldn’t go home because I had volleyball practice at school and driving all the way home and then back to school would defeat the purpose. It was great. I watched a bunch of random YouTube videos and just generally killed time waiting for Alex to show up.

He eventually did, and I sat with him for a while messing with numbers and particles for the boss and normal enemies. We also worked on the texturing for the gummy projectile, and Jon made a very comical wad of gummy bears that is now what we are using. I’ll get a picture if I can at some point. That was about it for today, and like I said everyone will be at PAX East for the next two days, so I won’t be going in or posting.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! I’ll wish you a good weekend 2 days early.


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