Week Four – Ups and Downs

This week was more productive than I anticipated. The project was moving smoothly until a couple days ago when I hit a roadblock.

I have successfully connected lines that end near each other. I did this by retrieving the endpoints of all lines, checking location and stroke color. If the points are close enough and the colors match, a line will be drawn from one end to the other end. Adding this line was difficult, as I had to edit the original file and make sure the new line meshes correctly. A similar process will be required to add additional lines for various cases.

The task of adding lines went smoothly; however, I recently hit a hiccup. I am working on editing the stroke width of lines, which is easier said than done. I have spent many hours switching between Google and my code with little luck. My first idea was to edit a specific index of the string that describes the line, but as I quickly discovered, strings in Python are immutable. I found a couple ways to address this issue, none of which work correctly. I am still thinking about how to fix the issue of editing values of the file.

Next week will be devoted solving this problem, I will determine the next route of action after this issue has been resolved.

Attempting to edit xml file attributes on La Jolla Beach



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