Day 11: Trial and Error

After a long break from the studio, I returned to what we had done before. We started the day with mixing a song to tape the same way that we had before. We were still mixing to tape because the musician had a few issues with a couple of songs that he wanted to fix. We adjusted the levels on some of the instruments and once it sounded how it was supposed to, we ran the songs to tape.

I got to run the tape machine myself and got to set everything up, so the music could be transferred back and forth from the tape to the computer. I made a few mistakes, forgetting to press a couple of buttons, but nothing too major. Of course, it was all a part of the learning process.

Later in the day, the same musician comes back because he noticed there was a delay on the guitar, and so we were back at square one. We started the process over from the morning and fixed the mistake. Once again, I was put in charge of the tape machine, and by the end of the day, I had it all figured out.

We were also working towards finishing the mastering project. Today, Jim let me sit behind the computer and control the levels of the song. He told me there was no wrong way to master a song, but I’m sure I found a way to make it wrong. Through a different perspective, I was able to understand what goes into finalizing a song, and I learned that creating music is all just a process of trial and error.


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Trial and Error

    1. Without a doubt. I notice the effects that were added later on the instruments more so than I had before. For the most part, I can pick out how they mixed the song, instead of just how the song sounds. I’ve also noticed how they have recorded certain instruments as well (eg. using multiple microphones on Dave Grohl’s drum kit on “Smells Like Teen Spirit”). While I’m not a fan of most things on the radio, I have gained respect for the people who have to work hours on editing the song and making it “perfect”, even if I don’t like the music itself. Overall, how I listen to music and experience it has definitely changed already in the first month.

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