Day 14

Today was full of stitching and unstitching and re-stitching my block. Trying to piece tiny pieces of fabric is very difficult. Certain seam lines continued to not match up with what they were supposed to look like, which I later found out was because the templates that I made had shifted and were not accurate. To solve this problem and the gap in a section of the block, I am going to add another piece of fabric an to fit the space. 

Today I finished a fourth of the block, but I am going to add a piece to it tomorrow. Then I am going to work on the other three sections of the block. 


2 thoughts on “Day 14

    1. I apologize, “mother” was a typo. The extra piece would only affect the border section of the block, and I illustrate where it would be placed in my Day 15 post. The piece would be a permanent addition, and would allow what I already have sewn to match up and fit into the space that it needed to occupy so that the angles throughout the block would be consistent.

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