Week 5

Hi everyone! This has been another great week in the Pediatricians office. Upon arriving early in the morning, I was able to meet one of the Medical Assistant’s two sons. She brought them in for their yearly wellness check. There was a one-year old boy and a three-year old boy. While the MA was running around completing different tasks to begin the busy day of seeing patients, I had the opportunity to sit in the exam room with them and play. The one-year old began taking off his socks and dropping them on the floor, which then gave his three-year old brother the idea to play a game of catch with me with the socks. Unfortunately, the MA (the boys’ mother) came back holding a tray of 5 shots. Usually, another MA will give her boys the shots, but they were too busy at the time. Because I was the only one in the room, I helped the MA. Although I cannot give shots, I held the one-year old down while he got shots and then played with him afterwards to calm him down!

One little boy also came into the office with a history of receiving bad hives. His father showed Dr. Dyson and I photos from his phone of the little boy’s hives. His entire body was covered in red rashes with white raised lines of hives. I have never seen anything like this before. The family could not figure out what the boy was allergic to because they had not seen a change in his environment.

A very exciting thing also happened!!! I got to experience an ear piercing! A little girl, just a few months, was lying on the exam table. Dr. Dyson took a dark blue pen and began to draw on the dot where he thought was a good place to pierce. After redrawing the dot and talking to the family, in just 2 seconds, the little girl had 2 gold studs in her ears!

I also learned this week that Dr. Dyson takes care of patients up to 23 years old. Two days ago I saw a high school senior come in to get shots for college. I also saw a 20 year old girl for her yearly checkup.

This has been another great week shadowing in the Pediatricians office, and I cannot wait for many more! See you next time!


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