Day 15

This morning I went to a PaperWorks meeting with Janet. The group deals with any kind of art on paper or with paper, and there was an interesting speaker artist who works in watercolors as well as printmaking. 

In the afternoon I tackled the issue with my templates. Essentially the problem was that the lines did not match up between different sections of the pattern. The most troubling area is circled in red below (sorry for the rough quality of the lines, I just wanted to quickly indicate the areas I am referencing). In this section the two corners did not match when the lines were straightened. 

One of the options that I considered was to add a triangular shaped piece to where the pieces did not line up when they were sewn together(pictured below). 

However, I decided to simply restart from the template stage as there were other areas that were slightly askew in the block. We drafted a new template using a computer program, which I am going to use to restart the block this weekend. Hopefully it should line up smoothly this time. 


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