Day 12: The History of Recording

A band was scheduled to come in today to record some overdubs on a song they have previously recorded, but they could not make it today, so we had a change of plans. Similar to the first day of my internship, Jim and I spent the majority of the day talking about the recording process. This time, we discussed how bands and their styles have changed over time, and how that coincides with how their recording techniques have changed.

The bands we discussed today were The Rolling Stones and Green Day. We talked about how the available recording technology (ie. 4-track, 8-track, etc.) affected the sounds of the albums. On top of that, we talked about the outside factors that contributed to the styles of each band. For instance, the arrival of the Disco Era affected The Rolling Stones style, as they steered from their typical Blues and Rock and Roll sound. For Green Day, the politics of the mid to late 2000s affected their attitudes and topics on their albums. As bands change their styles, often times, their way of recording (or producing) changed as well, and we delved into what exactly about the recording processes had changed.

For the second half of the day, we worked on mastering again. This time, I was given the liberty to sit down at the desk and work on two songs, and get more experience with how the process works. I feel like I have a better idea of the finishing process, and I am learning to get better at that aspect of the creative process.


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