Sorting & Rehousing the Study Collection

Sorting & Rehousing the Study Collection

This week, one of the graduate interns and I started to sort through the study collection materials. It was nice to review process identification and be able to look at more examples. For this project (which most likely won’t be completed in the time of my internship), we are tasked with sorting by process, rehousing, and then creating a finding aid.



In addition to sorting, I learnt how to make an individual archival enclosure. I focused on the collection of daguerreotypes, which are very early photos. Of course, I didn’t get very far because making these enclosures is hard when you haven’t done it before.



The tools I used included: a ruler, box cutter, bone folder (helps makes creases), scissors, a self-healing mat, and card stock.


First try, so close…


Second try: better but still not quite there…at least it closed this time?


I was also introduced into the archives section of my internship this week. I again attended an OLLI lecture this week. This time it was about the research services that the CCP provides. Emily, the CCP Librarian, is my co-advisor and she gave me an introduction to how one becomes an arts librarian. I’m excited to continue the study collection project and start my own internal CCP Photographer Project next week.


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