Day 21- Grumble Grumble

Day 21- Grumble Grumble

DISCLAIMER: I had an abysmal weekend and today was not too great either. If some of that comes off in the post, I apologize in advance.

Quote of the Day: Nothing. No one was here.

Music of the Day: The Sound of Silence. Gonna be honest I actually like the cover from Disturbed more than the original Simon and Garfunkel.

Continuing the trend of “things that aren’t really broken but just not fully moved over to the correct computer” was the boss projectile today. It wasn’t working for the textured version, and surprise surprise it was because on file hadn’t been moved over correctly and was breaking the whole thing. I changed a couple of parts of it to make it run a bit smoother, and then I did nothing. Again. For hours. Usually when I’m here early it’s not a big deal because I know what I need to work on, or I can check the Discord and find things to do. But since PAX just finished, we don’t have anything in progress, and no one was on Discord. So I sat and killed time for hours. Then I went home.

If you’ve made it this  far (not that that was very far today), have this picture of a 3-D printed gummy bear. We have dozens of them everywhere.IMG_0560


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