Day 4: Local Election Bios

I’m sorry for the short break in posting. This update is detailing my work at Engage Miami Friday, March 10. That day, my work consisted of compiling Biographies of the candidates running for election in North Miami, Florida. That election is May 19 of this year. The mayor and two city council members are running for reelection. I also compiled biographies of the other two council members, but neither of their terms expire this year. This was interesting work for several reasons. First of all, I was unaware that North Miami is home to a sizable Haitian population. As a result, all of the candidates running for office, the mayor, and three of the council members are Haitian born. However, it was not until 2001 that the first Haitian mayor was elected in this city. It is interesting to see how the population and influence of Haitian immigrants has grown in the city, and how it affected local politics. What is also interesting is how directly local politics can affect the daily life of constituents. One council woman, for example, managed to remove the charge present on second water meters that was introduced by water companies. Another council member is currently working t0 cut back  on red light cameras in the cities. These might seem like common nuisances, but they’re problems that affect quality of life. There was a years-long campaign in Tucson to eliminate red light cameras, and it could have been resolved through city council selection. Finally, I found it interesting that there is very little information on some of the candidates, and how little is available for some of the current council members. It is incredible how, although these people can influence our lives on a fundamental level, consitituent know little about local elections or the people who run in them. It is worth looking up those who represent you locally and find out if their agendas match yours. If you cannot find information on them, feel free to call their offices.


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