Update: Common problems with my dog (part 1)

Obviously, it is no surprise that dogs become homeless because of neglect/abandonment but it most of the time it is because the dog is a wrong fit for their family and the family doesn’t have the time or money to help the animal. Here are some common problems that can be easily fixed :

  1. “He’s barks too much and the neighbors can’t stand it anymore”

An easy way to fix this is to train your dog to not bark or even buying a shock collar. This was actually a problem with my dog who is a Jack Russell Terrier. He’s amazing and loving but he can be very vocal when he’s outside by himself and this really irritated our neighbors. My family didn’t want to keep my dog in the garage or in the house all day so we purchased a shock collar from our local Petsmart. It’s pretty simple…just put the collar on then when he barks it’ll give him a little zap. My dad and I were curious on how much it would zap him, so before we put it on him we asked my younger sister to help us. She didn’t know it was a shock collar, yet she was willing to help. She experienced nothing until I made her laugh then there was a jolt. She says that is actually didn’t hurt so much as surprised her. We put it on our dog and waited until he started to bark, it obviously shocked him but now it stops him from barking. It took him a couple of round to connect the dots that shock=bark, but now he doesn’t bark outside and he can take the collar off when he’s inside the house.

So how to train your dog not to bark at the door? You always want to use treats as reinforcement to good behavior. Have the door open so that he can see that someone is knocking and it can connect in his head. Whenever the dog hears the knock try to pull his attention away from the knocking to focus on you and the treat. Go from having the door 1/4 open to 1/8 to less and less until you can have the door fully closed and knock without barking. If the dog starts to bark then simply retrace your steps and start over. Training a dog takes time and patience.

2. “My dog gets really nervous around other dogs or he/she seems to be aggressive”

Okay, so how do you train your dog to be more social with other dogs or animals? An important thing to note is that you want to catch this in dogs while they are puppies so that they have not right amount of socialization. Dogs (like humans) are quite social creatures and when they have little interactions with others it can really harm them. When socializing dogs you want to start off by making sure that the other dog is friendly. Know your dog’s background and test him to see how he is with others aka people and dogs. If you’re getting a shelter dog this is extremely hard to predict because chances are they weren’t treated well. If the other dog that you want to socialize your dog with is extremely energetic you want to get him or her a little bit tired before putting meeting your dog.This is because you don’t want your dog to feel overwhelmed because he or she will then more likely attack/react in an aggressive manner. Keep in mind that every dog has a different personality so your dog won’t react the same with every dog that it meets. Anyways, you can put your dog down and watch his or her body language. If their tail is between their legs or they have their fur standing up then make some distance between the dogs. Start slow and keep a sharp eye out for any triggers that they may have. If there ever is a dog fight, then never put yourself in between to try to stop it. Instead, get an object that you can separate them with like a broom or a stick.

Okay so part two will be coming soon and we still don’t have a car yet so it’ll be a couple more days.





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