Day 22- File Away

Day 22- File Away

Quote of the Day: “Jeremy likes 7-11 burgers more than a $14 gourmet burger from Boston” – Danh

Music of the Day: Hardwired to Self Destruct- Metallica.

Everyone was back from PAX today! I was here a little early still, which gave me some time to playtest a few things and make some small tweaks to numbers, and then everyone (and when I say everyone, I mean everyone) showed up over the next hour. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen the office completely full. We all talked for a while about PAX (and food. there was a lengthy discussion of food), and then I finally got access to the Spydersoft server. As I’ve mentioned a lot before, the versioning software is down, so everyone had been using the office server as a much slower but still useful alternative. My computer, since it was originally a backup computer and only became the intern computer when I started working here, didn’t have access. But I got it today, and I now have my own folder to drop off new scripts and changes I’ve made so they can be added onto the master computer much easier. Which is good because I’m tired of sliding across the room 5 times a minute to move files and double check my work.

Jeremy, Danh, and Alex went to have a meeting about gameplay and the direction that the game will be going in the future, and that gave me time to catch up on some of the new features. It felt good to be able to play the game as an average player for the first time in a while, rather than as a developer looking specifically for bugs and things to change or fix. I took some screenshots of all the new stuff, check ’em out:

The bot on the left is Carmine, the newest addition to the roster. He’s spiky and shoots mini-suns:

MiniBotzDev 3_15_2017 3_18_40 PM

The Super powered mini-suns look like this:

MiniBotzDev 3_15_2017 3_13_09 PM

We also added a new type of enemy, the BoomCube, which are those little sparking things swarming me. They explode after about 5 seconds, and cause any other ones around them to explode instantly. It’s a chain reaction of death.

MiniBotzDev 3_15_2017 3_14_17 PM

Can you guess what that is based on the cool screen effect?

MiniBotzDev 3_15_2017 3_19_31 PM

If you (somehow) guessed Black Hole, you are correct! This isn’t the best picture of it, because it triggers super fast and timing a screenshot is tricky, but this is basically what it looks like. It does what you’d expect: sucks in everything around it and kills it, except for the player, who is healed to full health… if you can survive the boom cubes in there with you. They still explode. It can either be a savior or a deathtrap.

MiniBotzDev 3_15_2017 3_30_24 PM

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Hope you’re having a good spring break.


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