Day 13: Take Two

Today was the first recording session I attended in a while. We started early at 9 am and took most of the day getting the songs right. When I walked in, two musicians were playing guitars, one acoustic guitar and one slide guitar. They sounded like a modern blues type of band, and I could already tell that the recording session was going to be fun.

In the span of a day, three songs were recorded and partially mixed, though the songs didn’t need much mixing. While I sat in the back, I listened to the songs being recorded to get a feel for the band, and I could feel the Blues and heavy emotions that the band was going for, and I knew that I was a part of something special.

There was only two guitars and vocals, no drums or bass. Each song took a while to record to finally get the right sound of it. One take of a song had to be thrown away because one of the musician’s phone went off during the recording, and the microphone picked that up. Once everything was recorded, we took a couple of hours sifting through the takes to find the right guitar slide or notes to edit it all together to make the song right.

At the end of the day, we burned all of the songs onto a CD, and I was a witness to a very first draft of an album.


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