Day 14: Busy Days at the Studio

Similar to yesterday, the session had started as soon as I came into the studio. In the studio today was a local band from the late 70s to early 80s who were planning on releasing some previously unreleased songs. The songs were already recorded, so all that needed to be done was adding extra layers over the songs if needed and finishing the mixes for the songs.

The band decided that some of the songs needed a trumpet to play in the background, so they brought in someone to play the trumpet for the record. I had the pleasure of meeting the man who played the trumpet on David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.”

I helped set up the microphones for the trumpet recording, and after only a couple of takes, one of which wasn’t really necessary, we were back to working on the mixes. We worked on those mixes for the rest of the morning, and at the end of it, a couple of CDs were burned, ready to move onto the next phase of production.

In the afternoon, another session was scheduled. A musician who had come in not too long ago to improvise his bass lines wanted to record vocals on a song that he had previously worked on. I set up the two microphones used to record vocals. After he finished recording vocals, he wanted to record drums toward the end of the day. I helped move the drums out into the studio, but I had to leave before any drums were recorded. All in all, the past couple of days have been full of busy work to do in the studio.


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